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1. What is your word of the day? Feaverish....idk...
2. What is your favourite accent? brazillian
3. When were you conceived? umm well im guessing in my parents room...aka corte madera california
4. Do you have a really big jacket? yes im wearing it right now(its so cold)
5. What's your favourite yogurt flavour? Orange Cream
6. Do you floss? Sometimes
7. What's your favourite kind of berry? strawberry
8. Do you know the Muffin Man? yup yup, im BEST FRIENDS with the muffin man
9. What do you have hanging from the mirror of your car? i dont have a car
10. What's your best mug? the one with the baby crying that says "i cry when i dont get my way"
11. What's the worst haircut you've ever gotten? i got it REALLY short...looked HORIBLE
12. What's the worst thing you've done under the influence of silliness? hmmm, probably created a scene with one of my friends at the mall...we love shocking people
13. What's the weirdest thing you've done to pass time? made up stories about orgasming pens and jesus in a dildo 
14. Have you ever gone completely mad due to sleep deprivation? ya i didnt sleep for about 2 1/2 weeks and i started screaming at anyone who tryed to talk to me
15. What's the oddest song you like? crablouse-LORDS OF ACID
16. What movie do you like to make fun of? lots
17. What's the last movie you saw that you really didn't understand? the grudge...ya i get it, but it is so stupid
18. What odd sandwich would you like to try? ill b stickin with my PLAIN turkey
19. What's your favourite trippy children's story? alice in wonderland
20. What are you supposed to be doing right now? working
21. What's your favourite conspiracy theory? the government made it legal to have pot if you had a licence but u already had to have the pot to get the licence so when you went to get ur license they would bust you for having pot without a licinse (theory prvided by my dad)
22. Do you think kilts are cool? klits? ummmm YA
23. What do you do when someone IM's you who you don't want to talk to? probably talk to them but not really say much
24. Have you ever internet stalked someone? ummmm...no
25. Have you ever mutilated any kind of toy? my barbie when i was little
26. If you were missing what kind of milk carton would you want your picture on? CHOCOLATE milk
27. How do you feel about tapestries? a very beautiful thing....
28. How do you feel about frilly toothpicks? eh?
29. If you could make a tickle me elmo type toy. who would it be of? my ex...i would TICKLE HIM TO DEATH
30. If you could design a kleenex box what would you put there? hearts?
31. What's the smallest thing your afraid of? SPIDERS
32. What's your favourite Asian thing? food?
33. When did *random hot celebrity* look best? ryan Phillipe-playing by heart...blue hair..so sexy
34. What would be the funniest cartoon fight? spider man and bat man....idk why
35. What's your favourite whale? orka when i was 9 i made my parents drive me to organ so i could see that famous one....
36. What's your favourite overused myspace survey question? name....
38. If you were a cow what would you do? MOOOOO
39. What's your favourite thing to be dragged on behind a boat? water skis
40. What's your best memory that took place in a lake? falling off my cousin's boat
41. Name a memory that involved a hamster? i took care of my friends hampster once...
42. What's your glue of preference? any
43. What's your favourite awful smell? horses
44. What is your most useless object? envelope
45. What's the most disturbing thing you've done in a restraunt (as in the thing that disturbed people most)? kissed my girlfriend-because we are both girls and we got so many people staring at us like "woa did they REALLY just do that?"
46. Name all the places you've been kicked out of. not too many actualy, i think i was kicked outa an albersons once
47. What's the best thing you've ever bought at a thrift store? cloths
48. When's the last time you felt awkwardly exposed? last weekend
49. If you were a bird what would you poop on first? everyone's head
50. Have you ever had a yearning to make an idiot of yourself while scaring those around you? ALWAYS

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