angelsonfire (angelsonfire) wrote in xlost_youthx,

varsity swim team.....????maybe.....=)

So i had late practice today. It's like the varsity practice, and you'll never believe what my coach says to me. Im picking up my stuff getting ready to shower, and he's like "could you keep up", i natuarally said "yeah but im not gunna lie it's harder than i thought, but i kept up pretty good." So he says the best thing ever. "I would really like you to consider coming to this practice more often if you can keep up." !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This means im like half an inch away from varsity!!!!!!!! w00t!!!! Im so excited, yet very very sore. lol.

Other than that things are still things. I still feel kinda bad about everything, but i can't help that much. But im trying. That's something.

Happy Birthday Adam!!!!!!!! w00t yay for being old. lol.

Ok so stupid moment of the year.....I was talking with my mom last night and she was like
"whaddya wanna do next weekend??"
i said, "I don't care", "Well its up to you what you wanna do",
"Why's it up to me??? It's never been before",
"Cause its your birthday"
"oooooohhhhh yeah!"
Stupid moment of the year. Go me! Yes i forgot my birthday. It's next weekend on the 11th. Im such an idiot.

Yeah thats my life pretty much....go me!
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hehhe i cant believe you forgot your own b'day :)

Also, YAY on the practice, i hope you get better and get up to the level you wanna be at :)

my mum had the same convo about my 21st... what do you wanna do... nothing... we have to do SOMETHING... ahhh no we dont, its just another b'day.... its special... its only special if you MAKE it special... END OF CONVO!

LOL how old are you?

I'm gunna be 17 next sunday. lol. on the 11th. i feel so old. lol.
you're not the one turning 21 in march shut up :P