angelsonfire (angelsonfire) wrote in xlost_youthx,

Ok so i had the football game today. It wasnt that bad. It was just so flippin cold. Gah if it could snow in 80 degree weather that would be awesome. mmmm vanilla chai made it all better. :)

Ok so apparently stuff is still being said about me, but ya know what i dont even fucking care at this point. It's no ones buisness but my own. And i DO NOT need to defend my decision of breaking up with dave to anyone. SO people should just stop butting their noses in places it doesn't belong. Cause at this point im just saying that if your gunna be caddy and shit, then i personally dont want to be ya'lls friend. Whatever. Im done with it.

Blah. SO happy thanksgiving. I loath holidays, but this one hasn't been that bad. So we'll see. Happy turkey day everyone who still cares enough not to talk shit.
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